Two weeks done!

This three-day weekend has been pure bliss, but I’m ready to get back to work. I really enjoy what we do, and I love going to work in the morning. Let’s do a recap, shall we?


Did the close out from the weekend’s wine dinner, and started prepping for our first theater party. After work, Kierstin (who was living on my couch this week) and I gawked at the beautiful Kennedy Center at night.


After work, our office went to a caterer’s tasting. We assumed it would be champagne and light food, but it was actually a seven course meal! I’m getting so spoiled this summer. Also, vegan lasagna is surprisingly delicious. And anything served in a mason jar is instantly adorable.


Kierstin and I rushed from our respective internships to a music joint on U St. to see Ben Sollee perform! I had never seen him live before, so that was quite a treat. If you’ve never heard his music, you are seriously missing out. Here’s a video of his song, “Prettiest Tree On The Mountain”, which is one of my faves 🙂


Nothing excited happened, except we found a Chinese restaurant in Rosslyn that serves huge portions (i.e. three meals for about $12)


Opening weekend at Wolf Trap! Our first theater party happened before A Prairie Home Companion, and it was lovely. People were happy, the weather was beautiful, it was an awesome way to start the season. Here’s a picture of the flower arrangements we used!


After the theater party, I joined Kierstin and our friend Mike for the show. Garrison Keillor is amazing, and the whole show was so impressive. I was singing along the whole time, and the audience was singing in harmony, it was the coolest thing ever. If A Prairie Home Companion ever comes to your town, GO. GO SEE IT. It is well worth your time and money. 


Kierstin had rehearsals in the evening, but before that we went to the Museum of American History. Yes, there were lots of tourists there. That’s when we remembered, WE’RE NOT TOURISTS. We live here!! The longer I live in DC, the more I want to live here after graduation. I know a lot of that will depend on what jobs are available, but oh man, I love living here.


Famous people day! Kierstin saved me a good lawn seat for the Memorial Day Concert at the Capitol. Before the thunder and lightning ended things early, I was *thisclose* to Gary Sinise, Joe Mantegna, Trace Adkins, Selma Blair, and Jessica Sanchez. Crazy. Luckily I got some pics to prove it!


The co-hosts of the evening, Gary and Joe.


Trace and Selma.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of Jessica Sanchez, but I can tell you she is very skinny. Very very skinny. She looks breakable.

And that brings us to today! I need to do laundry. Desperately need to do laundry. Sighh…


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