One down, Eleven to go

This internship is more than I ever could have imagined. I am so incredibly lucky to be here. In an effort to highlight the best stuff, I just want to point out the best of the week!

  • I have a desk. A real L-shaped desk, drawers, office supplies, and all of that grown-up stuff. I just want to sing, “In My Own Little Corner” from the Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella.
  • My supervisors are so incredibly patient and helpful. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in five days. Which means I’ll be learning A LOT in the coming weeks!
  • The perks. We deal with VIPs and fancy events. Because of that, we work a lot more than 9-5 Monday through Friday. BUT, we get some awesome benefits. i.e., tomorrow night’s wine dinner equals free wine for this recent 21-year-old. Score. Also, the head of my department invites me to industry events. I’m so excited for everything!
  • DC. I’m in the Nation’s Capital. In the summer of an election year. LOVEEEE.

Tomorrow is our big wine dinner. I’ve done a lot of work for this event, including a lot creative writing for the silent auction, designing in publisher, making labels, researching wines, and lots of other things. I’ve also learned the basics of using Raiser’s Edge, which is the industry standard for donor record keeping. This is a skill I HAVE to have when I apply for jobs next year. I’m so lucky.

To get ready for the wine dinner, I’m drinking some Apothic Red tonight. I definitely recommend it if anyone’s interested in a red blend. I’ll also give my review of tomorrow’s wines at a later date 🙂


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