Calm Before The Storm

Today was my last day before I start my internship. I can’t believe how lucky I am! I have a great apartment in an urbane neighborhood, an indoor parking spot, and most importantly, a great internship! In honor of Mother’s Day, I called home to see how my mother and step-grandmother were doing. My mother wanted to know everything I did today, and was way too excited that I found a good grocery store. My step-grandmother (who is known for her weird statements) asked if I was going to meet a Senator tomorrow. Umm… I work in the arts. Yeah. ‘Nuff said.

Today I drove around to try and get a feel for the area, and my GPS kept up with me. Phew. During my travels, I was able to see the Washington Monument from afar, but it was definitely big enough for me say, “OH MY GOODNESS.” (that’s what she said, lol). So that was pretty exciting. And then I bought groceries. I’m pretty proud to say I got all of my groceries into my apartment in ONE TRIP. My left bicep hurts, but it’s worth it. 

In the past 24 hours, I’ve realized how peaceful it is to live alone. I know I wouldn’t want to live alone forever, obviously, but it’s definitely a good way to clear my head after this crazy semester I just completed. Well, I better get back to watching MAD MEN!


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